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Band headboard rising phenomenon of how slow or do not rise

Date:Feb 29,2016

After working for some time with Saw, band Saw Blade Saw headgear with slow rise or not rise phenomenon will occasionally occur, relevant comments prior art section gives the world saw, hoping to solve Saw you encounter during the cutting process headgear not rise or rise slowly.

 Headstock reason not rise or rise slowly analysis and solutions:

 1, Saw rising fuel tank low oil pressure.

 Solution: Adjust relief valve counter-clockwise, to increase the oil pressure.

 2, fuel tank deficiencies.

 Solution: Press the oil standard position supplement 46 # hydraulic oil.

 3, raise the cylinder ring damage.

 Solution: Replace the cylinder seal.

 4, the control solenoid valve sticking up.

 Solution: Clean or replace the solenoid valve.

 5, the power control system wiring off.

 Solution: Check the power supply and wiring, found off promptly contact an electrician to handle.

 According to the above five kinds of reasons one by one investigation, should be able to solve such problems, as you can not solve, please contact us 027-85801833

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